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How to Craft the Best Valheim Armor

Looking for the best armor in Valheim? Remembering all the good times might not be enough. With this Armor Guide, you’ll know exactly how to take care of yourself while navigating through these perilous lands.

Every armor has its own set of perks that will make it worth considering – so choose wisely!

How to make Valheim Armors

The most powerful Valheim armor is the Padded Armor set. It offers the highest protection against damage in the game with its unequaled defence.

It also has an enchanting appearance that can’t be matched when paired with other articles of clothing such as the Wolf Fur Cape, which protects from frost and makes it so players can pass through Mountain biomes without need for resistance mead.

Rag Armor Set

It can be hard to even equip your armor when you are level 1. You start out with absolutely nothing except for a torch and an old tunic which does very little to protect you from attacks.

To progress in the game, head over to hunts or tame boars (they give leather scraps) so you can upgrade your outfit – there are many options available such as fur-lined tunics and cloaks!

Rag Tunic: 5x Leather Scraps

Rag Pants: 5x Leather Scraps

Total weight: 4

Total Armor: 2 (4 at max quality)


Leather Armor Set

Leather Armor can be acquired from hunting deer and fighting monsters in dungeons. It provides better protection against enemies than rag armor does, so it’s worth the time and effort to collect these resources for a powerful set of armor for fighting enemies such as Eikthyr.


Leather Helmet: 6x Deer Hide


Leather Tunic: 6x Deer Hide


Leather Pants: 6x Deer Hide


Deer Hide Cape: 4x Deer Hide, 5x Bone Fragments


Total weight: 15


Total Armor: 7 (28 at max quality)


Troll Armor Set


Despite looking horrifying at first glance, trolls are actually quite easy to conquer when armed with patience and lots of arrows.


Don’t let them scare you away – they’re great for obtaining the third Valheim armor set (Troll Leather Armor) if you put in enough time and effort!


When you’re wearing all four pieces of the Troll Armor set, your sneak skill will increase by 25%.


Troll Leather Helmet: 5x Troll Hide, 3x Bone Fragments


Troll Leather Tunic: 5x Troll Hide


Troll Leather Pants: 5x Troll Hide


Troll Hide Cape: 10x Troll Hide, 10x Bone Fragments


Total weight: 15


Total Armor: 19 (40 at max quality)


Set bonus: +25% Sneak


Bronze Armor Set

Bronze Armor can’t be obtained until late in the game. However, it’s worth the wait because the armor provides one of the best protections available when compared to other armors and its movement speed is just slightly slower than Leather Armor.


Keep your Capes but replace your Leathers with Bronze to maximize your safety against enemies when you fight them one-on-one.


Bronze Helmet: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide


Bronze Plate Cuirass: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide

Bronze Plate Leggings: 5x Bronze, 2x Deer Hide


Total weight: 23



Total Armor: 24 (42 at max quality)


Move speed reduction: 10%


Iron Armor Set

Iron armor is better than bronze armor. So, when you have it, make sure to wear it right away because otherwise you won’t be getting the most out of it. You’re going to need iron soon anyways, so might as well use it while you still can.


Iron Helmet: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide


Iron Scale Mail: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide


Iron Greaves: 20x Iron, 2x Deer Hide


Total weight: 33


Total Armor: 42 (60 at max quality)


Move speed reduction: 10%



Wolf Armor Set


Wolf Armor is one of the most durable armors sets available in Valheim. You’ll need to master the denizens of the Mountain biomes dotted about the Valheim map – Wolves, obviously, but also Drakes and Dragons.


The Wolf Armor Chest and the Wolf Fur Cape can protect against most Frost attacks, which can come in handy when you face off against Mother Nature’s last child.


Drake Helmet: 20x Silver, 2x Wolf Pelt, 2x Drake Trophy


Wolf Armor Chest: 20x Silver, 5x Wolf Pelt, 1x Chain


Wolf Armor Legs: 20x Silver, 5x Wolf Pelt, 4x Wolf Fang


Wolf Fur Cape: 4x Silver, 6x Wolf Pelt, 1x Wolf Trophy


Total weight: 37


Total Armor: 61 (82 at max quality)


Move speed reduction: 10%


Notes: Cape and Chest provide Frost immunity


Padded Armor Set


Padded Armor is the ultimate end-game armor in Valheim. It provides you with high protection from attacks, but less armor than Wolf Gear.


The Wolf Fur Cape can’t protect against frost while the Padded Armor has a cape, but without its own Frost Immunity.


Padded Helmet: 10x Iron, 15x Linen Thread


Padded Cuirass: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread


Padded Greaves: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread


Linen Cape: 1x Silver, 20x Linen Thread


Total weight: 27


Total Armor: 79 (100 at max quality)


Move speed reduction: 10%



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