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The Best Weapons in Valheim II

In Valheim, you are only as good as your weapon. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve trained or what skills you possess if you don’t have the weapon to match it.
Luckily, there are plenty of weapons available in the game, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.
This list of the best weapons in Valheim includes some of the most powerful options but also considers weapons with unique powers not easily replicated elsewhere in the game.

How to make a sword in valheim

The best weapons in Valheim can only be crafted by someone with a very high skill level, and require a lot of rare material.
Even so, some weapons are better than others (no use putting a broomstick on your character’s back), so we’ve put together a list of our favorites for every situation.
Hopefully, it will help you focus when crafting weapons later on!
Not every weapon in Valheim is going to be worth using. Some swords have special properties, but they’re only there to make a weapon look fancier—it’s better to focus on finding weapons that can take down your enemies.
If you don’t want to get involved in melee combat (or if your foe’s armor makes it hard for you to penetrate) then opt for a bow instead! Just remember: You’ll need arrows so keep some spares handy.

Valheim frostner or silver sword

This sword not only does a ton of damage and is very accurate, but it can freeze enemies for a few seconds and leave them defenseless.
This makes it ideal for starting quests where you have to eliminate certain amounts of enemies. It’s one of the best weapons in all of Valheim.
It is a must-have for anyone who wants to delve deep into Valheim. It’s worth mentioning that you need to be at least level 35 to equip it.

Make sure you take out some kind of life insurance because once you wield a Forstner there’s no going back. It may not have any special abilities like other weapons, but if you want raw power then look no further.
This thing will leave your enemies defenseless and put fear into their hearts…and heads as well since it does an absurd amount of damage. This is why it’s one of the best weapons in all of valheim.

Silversword Valheim

Silverswords are powerful weapons that strike fast, hit hard, and can deal elemental damage. They’re effective against most adversaries in one-on-one combat and are easy to use with plenty of reaches.
These lightweight blades don’t weigh you down when carrying lots of gear for an extended campaign, making them ideal for exploring dungeons or traveling long distances on foot.
Silverswords can be purchased at weapon stores or crafted from silver bars.

These swords are also commonly looted from dead enemies and as quest rewards. Keep in mind that you may need to temper a silver sword before using it in combat.
To do so, purchase an emerald at a local jeweler’s store and use it on your blade while it’s sheathed in your inventory.

You can temper up to five times with each emerald, after which it becomes too brittle to use for further improvements. You can identify your tempered status by looking at your hilt.
If your blade is orange-tinted, you know that it has been tempered at least once.


1) Blackmetal Knife: best Knife in Valheim.

This weapon does maximum damage and has a good chance of killing an enemy, but it is slow and cannot be used to attack at a distance.
This is a good weapon for starting with, but you will probably want to replace it when you find something better.
The Black metal Knife can be found in dungeons. It also can be stolen from enemies using Stealing skills.

This knife is not very expensive. The Black metal Knife is also known as a Goldeneye blade. This can be identified by its black color and golden hilt (metal handle).
The Black metal Knife has been given an overall rating of 7/10 by users, mainly because it is not as powerful as other weapons, but it remains popular due to its cheap price and quick killing speed.


2) Silver Sword: best Sword in Valheim.

This one-handed sword does an amazing amount of damage, even to armored foes. Most people think of a sword as something used for slashing and stabbing, but it’s also very good at smashing shields, which is what makes it so great against armored enemies.
The Silver Sword also has a high critical chance, meaning that on every swing there’s a high chance you’ll do extra damage for free. Better yet: because of its versatility and power, this weapon is relatively cheap.

A good choice for any warrior in training. Remember that most towns have blacksmiths who can improve your weapons with higher quality materials like silver and steel.
If you’re looking for something heavier to bring down heavily armored enemies, then look no further than a war hammer.
This is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal if you plan on fighting someone wearing plate armor.

The spikes at either end will go right through their shield, and even if they don’t penetrate completely, it still hurts them a lot when you connect with it.
A word of warning: because of its slow attack speed and weight, a war hammer is best used in close quarters so make sure you don’t miss it!
Many people think that hammers are only good against big, strong enemies but they’re more versatile than they seem.


3) Battleaxe: best Axe in Valheim.

The Battleaxe is light enough for fast striking but heavy enough to cut through hardened armor. When fully upgraded, it can do one more damage than a Great Axe and costs fewer resources.
Like an ax, it has a higher attack speed than a sword and low durability. The Battleaxe will most likely be a player’s first ax.

It offers good early game value with its great damage, cheap cost of materials, and high upgrades but is later overshadowed by other axes such as Longaxes when used against armored enemies.
Against unarmoured enemies, it is one of your best choices due to its fast swing speed, moderate cost, and slightly more damage compared to other weapons in its tier.

The Longaxe is arguably one of, if not, your best choice for upgrading an ax. Its high damage and long reach allow it to deal high amounts of damage to enemies that are both unarmoured and armored.

It has decent speed (tied with Battleaxe) and durability which may allow it to be used for a longer period until it breaks.
The Longaxe offers great value for its cost so it’s a good idea to make one early on in your adventure as it can be used throughout a majority of your playthroughs.


4) Blackmetal Atgeir: best Polearm in Valheim.

Polearms can deal a lot of damage quickly, which is why they’re useful when attacking small groups of enemies.
The Black metal Atgeir has a long reach, decent attack speed, and deals enough damage to take down most enemies in one or two hits. Once you get it upgraded, you’ll be able to push enemies back if you hit them with their side spikes.

Since it only costs half as much as other Polearms and can deal equal or more damage than weapons costing twice as much, it should be at the top of your shopping list.
If your enemy is dual-wielding a weapon and shield, try to knock out their shield with another weapon first so that you don’t have to deal with blocking attacks while fighting them.
Spears are a great option for fighting enemies that are far away, as they have an attack range of six tiles.
Spears deal moderate damage and have decent attack speed, so they’re useful against most enemies in Valheim.

The Black metal Runestaff is one of your best choices if you need to engage multiple enemies at once, as it deals good damage while allowing you to stay at a safe distance.
It’s also relatively inexpensive and can be used with either one or two hands, which is why it’s versatile and easy to upgrade if needed.
Make sure to take advantage of its reach when fighting groups of enemies and keep your opponents at bay with quick jabs before going on the offensive.


5) Draugr Fang: best Bow in Valheim

The Draugr Fang can only be obtained if you complete a quest for Asger, who is located in Dahir. This bow has amazing range, power, and damage which makes it a very popular choice amongst most players.
Another plus is that it has no penalty when using it so it will be useful to almost any character build. The downside to using Draugr Fang is that since there are quest requirements before obtaining it, not everyone will have access to such a powerful weapon right away.

Once they do get their hands on it though they’ll likely be able to keep hold of it for a while due to its effectiveness against enemies of all kinds.
A close second for best bow in Valheim is Piercing Bow of Fire. While it has lower stats overall than Draugr Fang, it does add an element to your attacks that Draugr Fang doesn’t have and doesn’t come with any penalties either.

This allows you to use it without worrying about if its effects will help or hinder you at all times. However, Piercing Bow of Fire can only be obtained as a quest reward when going through a long series of quests in Aughundell.
The rewards are well worth it though since not only do you get to keep one of these powerful bows but also many other fantastic items that can greatly aid your adventures in Valheim such as permanent gear upgrades and mounts!


6) Abyssal Harpoon: best utility weapon in Valheim.

If you’re looking for a heavy utility weapon, look no further than Abyssal Harpoon. This rapid-fire harpoon gun allows you to pull enemies towards you and then impale them with three separate prongs.
The harpoon is sturdy enough to support monsters twice your size—allowing for a guaranteed kill shot if positioned correctly.
By quickly pulling and shooting, it’s also possible to drag other players into melee range with your enemy and knock both of them down for an easy 2-for-1 kill. With splash damage, you can even hit two enemies at once!
However, you won’t want to use Abyssal Harpoon as your primary weapon. The reloading time is slow and, unlike many other weapons in its class, it doesn’t fire very rapidly—you’ll find yourself out of ammunition too quickly.

To get around these limitations, try using Abyssal Harpoon to control terrain instead of killing monsters directly.
Shoot down cliffs and ledges to instantly kill any monster unfortunate enough to be below you; you can even drag them back up for a team kill!
And since it fires through walls and ceilings, anyone hiding in tight corridors or corners is easy prey for your harpoon.
Just make sure your team has taken care of enemy threats nearby before firing—you don’t want to pull your allies along with enemies!


7) Silver Arrow: best Arrows in Valheim

You can make arrows in your lumber mill for a fair price. Make sure to have plenty of wood around before using them, but if you have materials and time on your hands, these are one of your best bets for attacking players.
They deal a fair amount of damage compared to other arrows, and they fly at a pretty fast speed; their downfall is that they don’t deal splash damage.
Still, if you’re aiming for someone head-on or from a distance, go with Silver Arrows–you won’t be disappointed.

On top of arrows, there are two more types of arrow-based weapons in Valheim. The Fire Arrow is exactly what it sounds like–it’s an arrow that sets enemies on fire.
This can deal large amounts of damage in small areas, and unlike other arrows, it deals splash damage as well as regular damage.

While using them you will constantly need to be on guard against burns; they’re not that hard to avoid, but they can cost you some precious health if you’re not careful.
On top of that, these are pretty rare items; players aren’t common sights in most parts of Valheim and even if you see one, chances are he or she won’t be willing to part with one for free!



8) Porcupine: best Mace in Valheim

The Porcupine isn’t fancy, but you’ll be surprised at how many people underestimate its capacity for damage.
Its extremely fast attack speed makes it easy to lay into enemies with a barrage of hits and stun them.

But, if you want to maximize your damage per second, hold down on a foe with full health, pop off two attacks, and then jump away and dodge so that their counterattack misses.
Once you’ve built up enough distance from your enemy, go back in for another strike or two and repeat until they collapse in defeat.
The more powerful you are—and whether or not you’re wearing heavy armor—the less leeway you have when attacking; doing so will take up most of your stamina bar with each hit.
When it comes to other maces, you’ll have a lot of choices. The Pillar is one of my favorites for its overwhelming attack speed; it doesn’t deal that much damage per hit, but if you unleash your full-strength swing it can knock an enemy down to their knees from across a battlefield.

Those who don’t mind sacrificing attack speed should pick up one of these and become adept at making quick work of multiple foes in a single fell swoop—you won’t be able to knock them over like with most other weapons, but you can still stun and stagger enemies by attacking as quickly as possible (hold down R2/RT) with precise timing.



9) Magic Staffs

Magic staffs are perfect for those who prefer to cast spells at a distance. It is typically designed to be held with two hands, but it can be wielded by a skilled warrior using one hand.
For example, you can use your shield arm if you prefer not to expose your body. Magic staffs usually have a very long reach; some magic staffs can hit opponents over ten feet away!
Keep in mind that certain magic staffs have different special abilities so choose wisely! For example, one magic staff might cast lightning storms when used as an attack spell and another may deal more damage when used against undead foes (zombies, skeletons, etc.). Different monsters favor different weapons so make sure you find a weapon that suits your needs!
Various magic staffs have a special effect when used as an attack spell. For example, one magic staff might cast lightning storms when used as an attack spell and another may deal more damage when used against undead foes (zombies, skeletons, etc.).

Different monsters favor different weapons so make sure you find a weapon that suits your needs! Some of these spells include:
Reduces target’s defense by 20% for 20 seconds
Cures poison status on self and allies within 15 meters. Cannot cure petrification or death.
Increase the power of fire-based spells by 30% for 15 seconds.


10) Sorcery (Archetype Specs, Spells, and Talents)

While playing a sorcery-based character, you have access to all spells that are part of your archetype specs. These specs, spells, and talents define your character’s magic abilities.
Arcane Casters gain power from three schools of magic: Destruction, Utility, and Buffs. These spells are based on a player’s Archetype Specs which are chosen during character creation.



Though there are many different weapons in Valheim, these ten seem to be particularly popular among players.
They range from heavy, ax-like maces to light and lethal daggers. As always, if you found any of these weapons to be especially powerful or fun, enjoy them.

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