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How To Get Black Metal & What It’s Used For

In Valheim, Black Metal has become quite difficult to come by thanks to the demand. It is one of the most desired resources because it produces strong weaponry like armors and swords which have become popular among Valheim natives. If you are looking for black metal, here are few tips on where you can find them (if you’re lucky).
-In order to get your hands on some Black Metallic Scraps; head to the Plains biome first. You’ll need to clear out this area as well before anyone else gets there first but its worth it because black metallic scraps make up about half of what’s needed for creating these bad boys!
-Make sure you’re getting high level metallic scrap from plains biomes – higher levels yield better material so make sure its not just near trivial enemies in a valley or small open plains space – go big or go home! If your going after sapphire morgia then it pays off too!
Getting Black Metal Scraps

A hefty amount of metal scrap awaits anyone who dares wander into the Plains biome! If you’re lucky enough to find it, try and scavenge as much black metal scrap from the ground as possible. Some may lie buried deep underground or at the bottom of rivers! You never know when this commodity will come in handy!
Certain types of monsters inhabit various parts of the plains biome – most notably those pesky 2* fulings. But don’t underestimate their power either; bigger ones with berserker skills can really pack a punch (literally). They do 260 points worth of bludgeoning damage per strike, so make sure you upgrade your armor before going for them. It’s best to go for smaller groups first if you want to avoid taking too much damage – or even losing all hope for survival against these mighty opponents.
Taking On A Fuling Camp

Never underestimate the power of a Fuling! A devastating opponent up close, Fulings are surprisingly vulnerable when faced with ranged attackers. With arrows flying through the air, these beasts can easily be slain before getting too close for comfort. The Draugr Fang is both strong and silent – just what you need for taking out those small pests in trees and atop the watchtowers first.
Once those pesky little things have been taken care of, survivors should prioritize the elimination of Berserkers (their fierce melee attacks will wear you down in no time). To avoid this fate, remember to parry their heavy blows or they’ll strike true.
The Pacifist Route

Anyone worried about fighting the Fulings can loot the many chests in each camp. These chests have a large quantity of Black Metal Scrap, and for most players, looting these chests will provide enough for their crafting needs. Sneak in, loot, and dart for the hills.
The Fulings will be angered and chase for a little while, but they will lose interest eventually. After performing the heist on a few villages – make sure to bring some friends along – gamers can fill up a chest with Black Metal Scrap and make off without being noticed.

Turning Scrap Into Black Metal

To start off, you’ll need a Blast Furnace – you can find a guide on how to craft one here in our article on Smelters and Blast Furnaces. Once you’ve built your Blast Furnace, you’ll be able to smelt the metal scraps into ingots. You won’t be able to do this until you defeat Moder and collect some of these other ingredients first
10 Iron
20 Fine Wood
20 Stone
5 Surtling Cores

For example, coal is necessary to fuel the blast furnace. There are two ways to obtain coal – mining or using a charcoal kiln and chopping down trees.
Once the coal has been gathered and put into the furnace, it will take approximately thirty seconds before metal starts coming out of the other end.
One coal will power the furnace for about fifteen seconds. Fortunately, there are ten slots inside of each furnace that can store both scrap pieces and coals inside of them at once so long as they’re fed frequently enough!
Black Metal Weapons & Shields

Though black metal is one of the rarest materials in Valheim, there are many black metal weapons available.
If you’re lucky enough to find or purchase a batch of Black Metal to craft at once, the results are extremely satisfying. Even if you have plenty of wood, stone or iron lying around gathering dust – you may want to convert some into Black Metal so that you don’t miss out on these superb items!
Here are some important stats for these weapons, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide what recipes to create from scratch!
Black Metal Atgeir: 30 Black Metal
Black Metal Sword: 20 Black Metal
Black Metal Axe: 20 Black Metal
Black Metal Knife: 10 Black Metal
Black Metal Shield: 8 Black Metal
Black Metal Tower Shield: 10 Black Metal
Survivors will need to gather Wood and Flax threads for the Weapons Forge. The best source of Wood is from Oak or Birch Trees, which are found all over.
Linen Thread comes from Flax, which can be found in abundance if players head east past Fuling Village towards the Halter Steppes.
In addition to improving one weapon at a time, you’ll also want to keep upgrading your base because each upgrade costs another 240 Black Metal that you’ll just happen to find yourself collecting along the way as you go about your daily lives.


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