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How to Make a Forge and Smelter in Valheim

Crafting an item is just one step – what about combining it with another piece? With this information, you won’t have to guess.
Here we’re going to teach you how to craft two parts of the game – A smelter and a forge. And once we’re done explaining how to make each part, we’ll tell you where each should be used for optimal usage!
How to Craft the Smelter in Valheim
To craft your smelter, equip the Hammer item. With the hammer equipped right-click to open up the building menu and from the available sections select the section that says crafting.
Find the smelter in this list of items (shown in the image below) and select it. You will need to have 5 Surtling Cores, 20 Stone, and be within the building radius of a Workbench to build the smelter.
If you have fulfilled all of these requirements simply place the smelter down either on a relatively flat area of the ground or one with stone floors.
You cannot build a Smelter on wooden floors in this game. To unlock the Recipe for the Smelter, you must first find and pick up one unit of Stone and one Surtling Core.
How to Build a Forge in Valheim
Building a forge in Valheim is just like building one anywhere else, but there are some differences that you should know about.

First off, unlike other smelters where firewood will suffice as fuel for them, there are some specific requirements for fuel at a forge.

To meet these requirements for fuel and materials, the player has to do extra work to acquire six bars of processed copper and then have enough resources handy for eight others – all because only eight items can be held in one slot without any assistance from magic scrolls or upgraded backpacks.

However, getting the necessary wood for materials isn’t too difficult if the player is willing to make those exchanges with some merchants or so long as they have enough tamed animals nearby such as pigs or cows, or horses nearby; though it might take some time longer than if they were closer by distance.


To build the forge you will need to acquire 6 units of copper, 10 units of wood, 4 coal, and 4 stone. You will also need to be within the building radius of a workbench.

You can place the forge in many places although to use the forge for crafting it will need to have a roof over it and be relatively protected from the elements.

This functions much like the Workbench.

How to Use the Smelter
Once the smelter is placed down you can start utilizing it. Be cognizant though, that if you want to make use of a smelter inside, then you’ll need some means of removing the toxic smoke – like constructing a chimney on your rooftop.
As with an open fire or other furnaces, this equipment might cause difficulties while indoors – polluting the air and posing dangers to those who inhale too much tar.
And just like any ordinary piece of technology, there are various components that each perform their separate task well. Take a look at them below, followed by some details regarding how they work individually
Ore Insert.
This is located on the left side of the smelter (when looking from the front) and this is the area where you will place your unprocessed metal ores.

To place ores in this part of the smelter, simply have them in your inventory and walk up to the hole in this side of the smelter.

You can press E to put your ore into the furnace – or just right-click it! If you have multiple different types of ores in your inventory and want to smelt a specific ore you can drag that stack of ore to one of the numbered slots at either end of your list which represents each type.

Now approach the ore insert and press either 1 for iron or 2 for coal depending on what type you’re inserting.

There are four unique types of materials and metals that we can process in the smelter – copper, tin, lead, and silver.
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Scrap Iron
Silver Ore

Add Coal to the Smelter.

On the right-hand side of the smelter (when looking from the front), you will find an area for adding coal.

You must always have coal in this location for all materials processing and production to occur within. If there are no items in the process, coal will not be used or needed.

All you need to do is keep coal in your inventory. Then, go and find the opening for the furnace and simply click on it – there will be a keyhole-like button with me next to it that says Insert Coal.

Simply click on it, then put some coal in there and you’re done!


Output Area.

At the front of the smelter is the part where processed bars are transferred out. These bars can only come out when an ore type and coal have been inserted beforehand.

With enough storage space near a player’s workplace, they may place their smelters anywhere to make distribution easier; tapping into Funnels that cleverly utilize Gravity and laterally-stacked ores for larger collection output.

Scrap metal will come out once it leaves the furnace area. Once it does, players can pick up and collect it for future use.

The type of metal that comes out is based on what you placed into the smelter beforehand. For example, if you put 3 scrap iron in before 7 coppers, then 3 pieces of scrap steel would be made first.

How to Use the Forge in Valheim
As soon as you are done building the forge where it can be used you will be able to interact with it and use it.
The forge covers practically every aspect of your player’s journey through Valheim and it’ll be there from start to finish. Forge provides tools for crafting anything ranging from weaponry, Armor, and food; making some special requests (extra quests), or repairing items like when they were first made.
Crafting Items at the Forge.

After processing metals in the smelter, you now need to find ways to put them to good use! Metal objects are made at the forge.

To activate the crafting menu for this workstation, simply walk up close enough and press the interaction key.

When opened, the forge crafting interface has some striking similarities to that of Workbench. Take a look below for an idea of what each area does

To make an item, select it from the list on the left side of the forge. You will see what materials are needed for each product.
At the bottom, there is a button that says ‘craft’. Select this button to start crafting with those materials and create your new object!
Upgrading Armor and Weapons at the Forge.

You can use this forge menu to upgrade your weapons and Armor. To upgrade an item that you have crafted make sure you first have that specific item in your inventory.

Then, head over to the tab in the forge menu which reads Upgrade. Find the item you wish to upgrade in the list of available items.

It takes different materials to upgrade an item in Valheim. What material you need depends on the item. From this menu, you can see what resources you will need to collect to upgrade the item.

When checking how many levels away from unlocking another tier for upgrades, every single yellow star shows how many levels away from unlocking another tier for upgrades it is- if there are no stars no higher tiers are waiting for upgrading!




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