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How to counter nullifier Dota 2

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A nullifier is a hero that can destroy towers and other buildings, making them useless.
Nullifiers are very strong in the early game, and if they manage to get enough experience, they can be impossible to stop. Fortunately, there are ways around this problem. Here are some tips on how to deal with a nullifier:


Play a hero that has an escape skill.

A good way to counter nullifiers is to have a hero with an escape skill. Heroes that have blink and teleport are the best choices for this, as they can easily get away from them.
Heroes like Lich, Rubick and Shadow Demon are good choices because they have invisibility (which makes it harder for the enemy team to catch you).
Another effective way of countering nullifiers is by using smoke of deceit on your own heroes in order to hide their presence from enemy heroes or towers/items.

Ranged heroes are great at dealing with Nullifiers.

Rangers, for example, can easily avoid their area of effect by moving out of it or using a Town Portal Scroll to teleport out of their range.
Rangers also have an advantage over other ranged heroes because they don’t need to worry about getting hit by the enemy team’s physical damage dealers; they’ll just keep firing while they’re far away!
If you find yourself up against a nullifier in your lane and you’re not sure what to do next step is simple: back off until your ally comes along and cleans up whatever mess there is left behind (or if he can’t help then ask him if he wants some help).

Be aware of the position of your teammates, and push them together.

When you’re pushing someone, make sure you are aware of their position. If your team has a hard carry and two supports that can use their area-of-effect abilities to help them push areas together, then be careful not to push them too far away from each other or they might end up losing all their health when they try to get back.
You should also make sure that if there is no fight happening around you, then don’t push anyone together; otherwise, it could lead into a situation where one person has to leave and go after an enemy who is farther away than he/she should be.


Nullification won’t work if your ally is already in the area where you want to move.

Unfortunately, this can happen with some of your allies. If you have a hero who has Nullify and then goes to an enemy-controlled area, he will be unable to move there without nullifying his ability and saving himself from being attacked by enemies.
If you’re lucky enough for this not to happen (and it usually doesn’t), then don’t worry about it; just focus on making sure that when you go into battle with your team members’ abilities at their disposal, they are able take out as many enemies as possible before moving onto new areas themselves!


Nullification doesn’t work if you can dodge it by walking to an adjacent tile.

The reason for this is that the spell does not affect your movement, only how much time your character spends in the affected tile. If you have enough mana and HP left after casting nullification, then the effect of the spell will be irrelevant to your actions.
This means that when playing against a nullifier, there are many ways to counter its effects:
You may use items like Force Staff and Boots of Travel that allow characters to move through water or lava (or even air). These items will also work with other types of terrain as long as they have been tested on at least one server before being added into Dota 2 client itself!
You could also buy wards in-game which stops any incoming damage from happening for up 30 seconds during which time wards last too.

A good way to counter nullifier is by using fog of war or invisibility.

There are a couple of ways you can counter nullifier.
One is to use fog of war or invisibility to hide from it and then kill it when it’s out of range. This will take some practice but it can be done if you have enough time before the enemy team arrives at your location.

You have to be careful when fighting nullifiers

When fighting nullifiers, you should be careful not to fall into their trap. If they’re ready to go down, they’ll do it without hesitation. If a nullifier is about to break your defenses and kill all of your heroes, there’s no point in staying–you should run away as quickly as possible before you die (or at least try).
You also have to be careful about when you fight nullification heroes themselves; if they’re low enough on health, they may not be able to survive long enough for their own abilities or items to finish them off before dying themselves!


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