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How to find my iron in Valheim

Looking for Valheim iron? This is easier said than done, but here are some tips for finding this sought-after resource!
A few things you need before starting the quest are luck and patience – but after that, you’ll need to find a swamp biome in your map, mine it (or trade), and haul it back home where you can smelt it.
Like other ores in Valheim – such as copper or tin – you cannot bring Valheim iron with you through portals; which means transporting across an ocean might be your only option.
And while the effort may seem daunting at first – do not forget all of the benefits valhein iron has! With plenty of health-boosting abilities and stronger and more durable tools – there isn’t anything stopping you from mining.
Valheim Iron Ore: How to Get Started.
Before you can start creating strong swords and pretty axes, getting your hands on some iron is necessary. This material may seem like something you would find in everyday life, but it’s just iron ore- which can be found in Muddy Scrap Piles all over Valheim.
These items are extremely common in the Swamp region, so don’t worry about looking too hard for them if you happen to visit this area. Just watch out for hostile mobs!
And if you’re wondering where the best place would be to collect these resources from- well then, we’ve got an answer for you!
To locate the swamp, you will need to do some serious exploring. On your journey through Valheim, if you encounter any dark areas with green torches then there is a possibility that it might be this place we’re looking for.
If not, don’t lose hope just yet! The Swamp is always shown as an unnamed place on the map so all we can do is keep looking till we reach its borders!
By then a Zone would be labeled which means we are finally getting close! To gain access inside one needs to acquire the swamp key which drops from bosses found within the Valheim Black Forest – so make sure you’re ready beforehand because tough enemies await and finding an exit out could take hours!
Once inside though check for mucky scraps that yield scrap metal upon mining them. Upon obtaining enough of them, just heat their raw form at various stations to craft Iron Bars!
Valheim Scrap Iron: Get Smelting.
Once you have your smelter (stone x20 and startling core x5) up and running, you can begin using coal to smelt copper, tin, iron, and silver.
Just remember that you’ll need two units of coal per bar. One unit of scrap iron will create one unit of iron when smelted.
Consider how you’d like to spend your reserve of iron before crafting something straight away.
If you’re keen to take on more bosses, iron weapons and armor are your best bet; however, if you would rather improve your base then investing in a stonecutter (wood x10, iron x2, stone x4) is worthwhile – this station can be placed near a workbench where it becomes easier for players to build other structures such as walls or bridges while also providing them with necessary minerals, they may not already possess from unearthing rocks scattered throughout the map.

Valheim Iron: Crafting an Iron Pickaxe.
Crafting an iron pickaxe from Valheim Iron is crucial for any ambitious miner who wants to delve deeper and go farther down the mineshaft.
It will allow you to explore the deepest depths of the earth where other ores like obsidian and silver can be found.
The tool has many uses including mining all types of ores – but it’s important to know that this type of pickaxe cannot mine coal or diamond – so if you want those two, then craft a diamond pickaxe instead!

How to Craft a Valheim Iron Sledge.
Do you want to take down that pesky undead? Well, look no further! With the iron sled in hand, it won’t take long at all before these foul beasts are history.
Though it takes some time to construct, this weapon will make quick work of anything that stands in your way; even if it does have a difficult time breaking through walls.
You’re going to need plenty of Valheim metal ore and wood logs to finish this bad boy off however so make sure you come prepared before taking up this task.

How to make a Valheim Iron Gate.
Once you’ve reached Level 5 and can create iron bars, use your newly-acquired crafting skills to construct an iron gate.
This will serve as an excellent defense mechanism against intruders such as pesky gray dwarves or neck zombies who would love nothing more than to ruin your days with the heirlooms in those precious treasure chests of yours.

Here are all the items you can craft with iron:
Iron atgeir
Iron ax
Iron pickaxe
Huntsman bow
Ironhead arrow
Iron sword
Iron longsword
Iron helmet
Iron scale mail
Iron greaves
Iron tower shield
Iron nails
Iron mace
Banded shield

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