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Valheim Portal Guide – Valheim Portal Wiki Page

Summary: The portal is very convenient. Here you will find everything you need to know to create, link, and track your network of portals.

Valheim portal

Valheim is investigating the land. All things considered, to overcome every one of the managers or art better weapons, you should take a gander at every biome to see what it brings to the table. Additionally, every seed on the planet is procedurally produced, so not every one of the seeds you play is in a similar spot and you need to sort out where they all are. » After Valheim Portal Valheim Mead Guide Exclusive

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Of course, there are a few things you can do to make it a piece more straightforward to get around, such as building a boat to cruise across the ocean or a scaffold across the land. All things considered, quite possibly the best method for getting precisely where you need to go is to assemble a portal. These buildable constructions assist you with magically transporting from guide A toward point B. Here’s the beginning and end you want to be familiar with how to make them.

set up portal valheim

How to construct a portal?

Like all the other things in this game, you want to gather materials first before you can even consider continuing to the making part. To make a portal, you want the accompanying:

  • The tenth Eye of Graydwarf: Material dropped by Graylings, Greydwarfs, Greydwarf Brutes, and Graydwarf Shamans.
  • 20 hardwoods: Craft assets got by hitting birch and oak trees. Both trees species are found in meadow and fields biomes. You can likewise get great quality wood by plundering wrecks on the shores of the Black Forest biome. Ensure you prepare a stone hatchet.
  • Two Startling Cores: Items in internment chambers or irregular chests. It additionally drops as plunder from Surtlings.


When you have every one of the assets, go to the workbench and make a portal. You want a workbench close by to put the portal, however you don’t need to remain in range for the portal to work.


How to make a portal?

Making a portal should be possible genuinely right off the bat in the excursion, however, it requires critical material. One of those fixings is fine wood. Observing Finewood opens the formula in the portal, however, you’ll have to cleave down a birch or oak tree found in the Meadows, Black Forest, or Planes biomes to find Finewood.

Both trees require a bronze hatchet to cleave down, so you want to see the bronze first. The fine wood is additionally found in wrecks off the shoreline of the Black Forest. If you’re in harm’s way, you can entice the savage to kill the trees you want, yet it’s hazardous.

You likewise need to find Surtling Core and Greydrawrf Eyes. You can observe the Startling Core in the entombment office of the Black Forest biome. Then again, Grade Wharf Eyes can be found by overcoming Gray Ring, Grade Wharf, Grade Wharf Brute, and Grade Wharf Shaman. You will require 10 Grade Wharf Eyes, 20 Fine Woods, and 2 Sart Ring Cores to make one finish of the portal. So twofold the formula to make two associated closes.

set up portal valheim

Utilizing the portal:

After you make the portal, you should give it a name. Place the portal close to the base and give it a name. The two portals should have a similar name to work, so ensure they match precisely. Labels are case delicate. Then, at that point, place the opposite finish of the portal in an as often as possible utilized spot. Opened the Viking’s fast move.


We prescribe interfacing with regions where you of the time visit the portal. Putting it close to the merchant Haldor is an extraordinary approach to the dwarves to purchase materials and sell plunder. Building a portal in the tremendous sea is likewise an incredible manner to skip trips when the breeze is blowing off course. It’s additionally smart to make a sign close to the portal where your objective is found. That way, you are not left alone in the portal.


Just two portals can be associated at a time, but you can assemble countless entries in the real working areas and begin constructing your organization. However long you sign your objective, you can without much of a stretch make your component of the transportation framework.


How to associate the portal?

At the point when you make two portals, they consequently interface. Notwithstanding, the most effective way to interface them is by marking them.


  • If two portals have a similar name, they will be associated.


Note that these labels are case delicate. On the off chance that numerous portals have a similar tag, just the initial two portals are viewed as associated and the rest are thought of as idle.


When you start to get to know fabricating and associating your portal, you might start to fail to remember where you put your portal. To stay away from this, just put the marker on the guide where the portal area is found.


Disadvantages of the portal:

valheim portal metal

The portal is an extraordinary method for returning to base quickly and downloading material immediately. Try not to dismantle the boat yet. Entries are incredible to use in a hurry, however, they can’t convey specific things. Things that can’t be magically transported are set apart in the stock and should be dropped before utilizing the portal. All things that can’t be magically transported are:

  • Tin Metal
  • Tin
  • Copper Mine
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Iron Piece
  • Dark Metal Piece
  • Dark Metal
  • Silver Metal
  • Silver
  • Mythical Serpent’s Egg


Go at your speed:

valheim portal guide wiki

That is all you want to be aware of the Valheim portal. Portals are exceptionally helpful and a simple method for voyaging significant distances right away, yet you need to move metal as it was done in the good old days. Realize about ocean travel with our route guide. That way, the glossy metal can be gotten back to a protected and solid fashion. Valheim is in Early Access, yet it’s as of now one of the most amazing endurance games on PC, with a lot of new substance just around the corner.


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