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ABOUT: Currently There are 5 bosses in Valheim, each boss is located in the biome, there is an additional sacrifice-2-summon step,  their attack is dangerous but easy to anticipate once learned, each biome requires preparation. 

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» Valheim Bosses Guide: How to Find, Summon and Defeat All Bosses

valheim boss

In Valheim, in the wake of falling in the fight, he leaped to the 10th universe of Scandinavia, yet he can’t rest here. Odin has requested you to confront the legendary and unbelievable monsters, as a sort of Scandinavian watchman. These monsters have been deserted for reasons unknown. They are strong, utilize strong wizardry, and can’t go down without a fight. The universe of Valheim is grounded, and not exclusively are these monsters hard to overcome, however, you likewise need to battle astutely. This is the way to find, gather, and rout all Valheim managers. » After Valheim Bosses Read : Right Weapon from the start

The Valheim bosses are:

  • Eikthyr
  • The Elder
  • Bonemass
  • Moder
  • Yagluth

In Short:

  1. Each boss have repetitive action that we point out in this article, after reading this article you know how to battle the bosses effectively.
  2. Note that bosses require summoning at the altars which requires sacrifice item for boss to appear.
  3. To avoid death in combat You will have to know different types of attacks that each boss uses, there is also recommend items to carry in loot that we mention in each boss section that are important to survive these attacks and stand tall against each boss.


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How can you locate and summon a boss?

Every biome in Valheim has its own boss. You can find it via a runestone. This is what marks the boss location. Either that, or you can explore and actively find the altar for each one of the Valheim bosses. The important thing to note is that every Valheim map is different, so you don’t have the same location every time. 

valheim find bosses

This is a great feature since it further adds to the experience, and the thing to note is that even if you play with others and they mark the location, they just mark it for themselves. It’s an important aspect of the entire process, and one of the things you have to keep in mind.

Aside from that, after you find the boss altar, you need to gather items so you can sacrifice them on the altar and actively summon the boss. If you defeat the boss, then you can unlock Forsaken Power, a great ability that will bring you all kinds of benefits.

Defeating the boss also gives you 2 guaranteed items that will bring in new equipment, weapon, and tool tiers. All of these can help you evolve, as you get into the other hostile biomes inside the game.



Valheim Boss Guide: Eikthyr

  • Where to Find: Meadow
  • How to Summon: Sacrifice two deer prizes at the raised area
  • Plunder: Hard Horns, Axor Trophy

valheim 1st boss


Eikthyr is the main manager numerous players will experience while investigating the Valheim Meadows biome. He attempts to connect with the runes toward the start of the game to check his area on the guide. Eikthyr is a monster bug with weighty metal chains around his prong. To summon it, you want to forfeit two deer prizes at the special stepped area. Deer prizes can be found by killing running deer. The higher the star, the almost certain you are to get prizes by overcoming a prize. 


Level HP Damage Forsaken Power
0-Star 15-20 500 60% less Stamina drain for 5 minutes.


first boss attack valheim


Eikthyr is a major, three distinct assault.

Close by, he attempts to hit you with his post and at times gets up and pummels the ground with his forefoot to play out an electric assault in the successful region.

From a good way, he fires lightning bolts from his horns. He messages each move he makes, so make a point to move him when he assaults.



Valheim Boss Guide: Elder


  • Where to Find: Black Forest
  • How to Summon: Sacrifice 3 Ancient Seeds at the Altar
  • Plunder: Swamp Key, Elder Trophy

first boss valheim

 The elderly person is the second supervisor of Valheim and can be found in the Black Forest.

You can look for his special raised area yourself, yet the most effective way to observe his place is to find the runestones concealed in the Black Forest internment chamber.

You can summon it by consuming three old seeds on that special stepped area. Antiquated Seeds can be found in the Nest at the Great Dock.

You can likewise find by overcoming the Sherman of the Grade Wharf and the Brute of the Grade Wharf.


Level HP Damage Forsaken Power
0-Star 35-60 2500 Increase physical resistance for 5 minutes.


valheim 2nd boss



The elderly person resembles a monster Groot, trampling the ground, summoning roots, and shooting plants like shots.

He looks for his strides as these assaults are exceptionally harmful. You’ll need to make genuine arrangements before this fight.

Make pickaxes, mine minerals, and update your life circle in foundries, heaters, and smithies. Tin and copper mineral is mined, refined, and afterward manufactured to make bronze.

Use it to improve bows, a better defensive layer, and heaps of fire bolts yourself. You’ll likewise need to fabricate a cauldron and fermenter to make a sound elixir.


Valheim Boss Guide: Bonemas

  • Where to Find: Swamp
  • How to Summon: Penance 10 dead bones on the raised area
  • Plunder: Wishbone, Bonemas Trophy

valheim 3rd boss


Bonemass is in the Swamp biome and can be recognized on the guide by communicating with the Swamp Crypts runestones.  Utilize the way into the bigger bog to open the cellar. Swamp Crypts is the place where you’ll observe the Withered Bones you want to summon Bonemass. 


Level HP Damage Forsaken Power
0-Star 80-100 5000 Chop down trees faster for 5 minutes.



Bonemass has a scuffle assault and a toxin assault that can bargain weighty toxic substance harm assuming you’re close.

You can likewise gather skeletons and masses that disrupt the fight.

The skirt went assaulted in this fight.

To make genuine harm to this bone mass, you should be near it.


Valheim Boss Guide: Modders

  • Where to Find: Mountains
  • How to Summon: Penance 3-winged serpent eggs at the special stepped area
  • Plunder: Dragon’s Tears, Shaper’s Trophy

Valheim 4th boss

Modders are monster mythical beasts found in mountain biomes. You can look for it yourself, yet it is a lot more straightforward to track down a rune that recognizes the area. One of the stone pinnacles loaded up with Draugr is the rune. Wherever in the mountain biome, there are mythical beast eggs concealed in homes encompassed by drakes. Make certain to utilize the bolt to eliminate the mythical serpent and clear the stock. Every mythical beast egg weighs 200 pounds. Additionally, you can’t magi summon transport, so you’ll need to move it around yourself.


Level HP Damage Forsaken Power
0-Star 60-140 7500 Always have tailwind while sailing for 5 minutes..




Shapers invest the greater part of their energy in the air, yet come down to slide the player.

It additionally fires a surge of ice and dials back if the player gets found out in it.

It principally fires a shot that stops on sway from the gag. When you have the shaper’s head, eliminate it and penance it.

Release the force of the shaper and consistently blow the breeze toward the path you are confronting. Incredible for perusing.


Valheim Boss Guide: Yagurt

  • Where to Find: Plains
  • How to Summon: Sacrifice 5 During Totems at the Altar
  • Plunder: Yagluth Thing, Yagluth Trophy

5th boss valheim

Yagluth can be found in the fields, and you should consume five Fuling symbols on that special raised area. You can track down the During Totem in During Village on the Plains, yet all the same, be cautioned: these folks will battle. You can track down the specific area of the Yagurt by looking for the tall stones found all through the Planes biome. This one of the most enduring valheim bosses to outmatch, bring a right bow.


Level HP Damage Forsaken Power
0-Star 130-180 10000 Reduces all damage taken from Elemental attacks (Frost, Fire, and Poison) for 5 minutes.



Yagluth is the last chief so plan as needs are. He brings a ton of wellbeing elixirs and ideally makes dark metal stuff.

You can track down a ton of Black Metal mineral by overcoming the Filings and striking their town.

At the point when you rout Yagluth, you will get the Thing of Yagluth and Yagluth’s head.  


New Content to Arrive in the future?

valheim early access updates

Facing these Valheim bosses can be a challenging task, but it’s also very rewarding. The game continues to impress with its gameplay and fun moments, but the best part is that it ups the ante with every environment. That’s why you have to check it out, as the game constantly pushes the limits and tests your capabilities. Which is fun, and what makes it such a great title. We can expect new content to arrive in the future, but for now these are the Valheim bosses you need to face! Read on about Valheim Updates

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