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When you enter Valheim’s server, you’ll be transported to the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an open-world RPG featuring fantastical creatures, from dragons to sprigging, and jaw-dropping landscapes, from mountain peaks to rocky ravines.
The Valheim server allows you to experience Skyrim in its full glory through quests and adventures that can earn you items and money – or advance your skills as a blacksmith or spellcaster.


How to run a dedicated server on valheim

To run a dedicated server, you need to first be able to access your valheim server. You can do so in two ways: through valheim’s IP address or by logging into valheim’s control panel (Cpanel).
Both methods work well, so it is just a matter of personal preference which one you choose. Now that you are logged into your server, check its status using Cpanel and make sure everything is working properly.

In most cases, your server will be running properly out of the box and there won’t be any problems. To prevent any issues from cropping up during gameplay though, it’s important to use something like portable to have your ports forwarded for a smoother connection.
Now that you have your server up and running, it’s time to start making some changes. If you plan on hosting games for others or have lots of friends coming over, it’s a good idea to adjust your configurations using Cpanel.

Follow these steps to get started: Open Control Panel (Cpanel) from your valheim control panel (Cpanel). Click phpMyAdmin under Databases from PHP Configuration drop-down list.
Select phpMyAdmin’s username and password located in the Security tab under the Global Configuration menu on the left side of the page. Select databases of your choice under the Available Databases menu on the left side of the page.

At first glance, Cpanel may seem a bit overwhelming with all of its features. However, you will only need to use a few of them to manage your server effectively.
Click on Files from Directory Indexing drop-down list located in File Manager section at the left side of the page under Directories menu. Click Default Directory (public_html) folder under the root directory.


How to join valheim server

First of all, you must be level 6 or higher to join valheim server. To get past NPC guards at Karkat Village you have to have a strong level of at least 50(depending on your class).
If you are under Lv. 6 but still want to try out valheim server then go visit lv. 8 Rolace in Falcon City. There he can teleport you right into valheim.
And if there is no room he will spawn another spot for players and teleport you there.

Once you have successfully entered valheim server you need to purchase a house. The minimum cost for a house is 2million gold.
You can do so by either trading with players who already own houses or visiting NPC Kai Tuna in Karkat Village.
When you buy your first house, use /post and fill out all of your character information as well as I’ll start my adventure here!
Kai will give you 1 hour of free 3x XP to help you get started (Be sure to have a quest before entering!).

After that hour is up use /post again and requests another 1 hour of 3x XP. Use those hours wisely and level up fast!
You can join any party except for dark guilds, you can either create your own or join one. Joining a party is free so feel free to hop in!
To do so simply click on a member’s name and click Join Party. This will teleport you directly to that person’s house.
If there are more people in their house they will just have to type /kick before you enter to make room. And once again make sure to write I’ll start my adventure here!
On your post when joining a new party so they know what quest to give you! As soon as you arrive at your party’s base NPC Roseif will spawn and give you a starting quest.


Valheim – how to set up a dedicated server

To install vanilla Minecraft on a dedicated server, you first need to set up and configure a Linux box.
This is true regardless of which operating system you choose for your client computers. While we can’t provide step-by-step instructions for every Linux distribution or server configuration.
For those of you who are more familiar with Linux, you can download and install a vanilla Linux server using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
If you’re running another operating system, you may be able to find instructions elsewhere online that work for your machine.
There are many steps to setting up a Minecraft server, but there are some general things that you should do first.
First, back up your data! This is a good habit to get into anyway, but it’s especially important if you’re going to be playing with experimental mods or running multiple servers on one machine.
Next, ensure that you have enough free disk space for your world: at least 8 GB of free space for each gigabyte of world data.


How to host a dedicated valheim server

Since most of us play on servers with an individual host, it’s a good idea to learn about servers. There are plenty of guides on how to host your own Minecraft server already (this one is great), but hosting a server for a game like Valheim has some unique considerations.
You can find plenty of helpful guides for hosting your own Minecraft server on their website, but there are a few things you should know about doing so with a game like Valheim.
First, running your dedicated server is not something everyone needs to do and isn’t necessary to enjoy an online game.
This can also be more complicated than it seems, especially if you have technical issues you need help with.
Many hosting providers even offer free dedicated servers for their users—often called managed hosting or game servers — and we’d recommend taking advantage of these options if they’re available.

It’s always worth looking around at what else is out there before jumping into hosting your server.
On top of that, if you don’t have a hosting provider you trust with your data and setting up your server doesn’t sound like something you want to take on, there are even more options available.
For example, Valve offers community servers for games they publish like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
If community servers are available for a game you enjoy playing, try to get involved with them! You may find it’s much easier to connect with other players if they already exist.


How to make a dedicated valheim server

To make a valheim server is to create a dedicated server using a different kinds of servers. The reason why you want to make a dedicated valheim server is that it will be running better and with almost no lag at all.
You can only start a dedicated valheim server if you have enough money because making one isn’t cheap.
There are many reasons why people want to make their valheim servers but there are also disadvantages that people don’t realize when they want to start their own game sever but these disadvantages usually depend on how well you know what you’re doing, how good your connection is, how fast your computer is, etc.
One advantage of making your own game sever is that sometimes the price may be cheaper than buying one from someone else.
Dedicated game servers are dedicated game servers that you can use to start a new server for your community.

You want to make a dedicated valheim server for many reasons, such as, to share things with your friends, to play on when you don’t have a connection, or because you want more people to play valheim with you. Dedicated game servers can be purchased from third-party websites and they may have different packages depending on how long you’re wanting it for.
The price of buying one is usually around $8-$10 per month but sometimes it might be cheaper than buying one at a later date.
You also need certain specifications if you want to get your dedicated valheim server. First, you will need a lot of money because they aren’t cheap and second, you will need a good computer that can run it smoothly and with no lag at all.

If you have these two things then I recommend buying one because they are very useful and they can help people in many ways.
Dedicated game servers are used for a lot of different reasons but usually, it’s used for people who just want more people to play with or because they don’t have the internet at home.
There are many different kinds of dedicated game servers but I recommend getting one that has instant set up so that way it’s easier for you when trying to start up your new server.


What are the system requirements for a Valheim server?

Before you can create a Valheim server, you’ll need to be sure your computer meets its requirements.
The system requirements for a computer hosting a running game of Valheim are as follows: Windows XP SP3 or later; Mac OS X 10.6 or later;
At least 2GB of RAM; ~100MB available hard drive space (for installation); 1024×768 minimum screen resolution. An internet connection is also required to play.
You may need to add RAM to your computer if it doesn’t have enough available.

Adding additional memory is a common troubleshooting step when a game or program freezes or crashes, and while Valheim won’t crash due to low memory, it may make your experience unpleasant by freezing during gameplay or taking longer than usual to load.
If you’re not sure how much RAM you need, some quick math can help you figure out what you should buy: multiply your computer’s total RAM (the number on its box) by 1.5x, and that’s what you should aim for in new purchases.

Since 2GB is our minimum requirement, adding 2GB of extra RAM means we’ll have 4GB total after adding that piece of hardware!
You can check your available RAM by looking at your computer’s specs. If you’re on a Mac, open System Information and check Available memory.
On Windows, look for Device Manager in Control Panel, then double-click to view devices installed on your system; right-click Memory under Miscellaneous Devices and click Properties to see how much memory is available.
Finding new hardware isn’t hard—search for computer parts at an electronics store like Fry’s or Newegg, or search online retailers like Amazon for an even wider selection of options.


Creating a Valheim server – step by step instructions for Windows

The first thing you need to do is download and install Minecraft. Downloading it from here will give you a classic Minecraft server experience that’s perfect for getting started.
If you want to use something other than a classic server, I’d suggest using Spigot as it’s easier to install.
To do so, head over to their website here and download Spigot 1.12.2 from their drop-down menu under Downloads>Bukkit/Spigot.
Once downloaded, run it and click Install. Next, find your Minecraft directory by hitting Windows + R on your keyboard, typing in %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft into the prompt that appears, and hit Enter.

The next step is to install Java and download Spigot. You can do so by right-clicking on your desktop, finding New in Windows 10’s menu bar, and hitting Shortcut.
This will prompt you to enter a name for your shortcut, which you can leave as default before hitting next.
Then paste the java -version into the Command Line field, choose to Create Shortcut from the drop-down menu that appears, and hit Finish.
Minecraft should automatically launch once you’ve done so. Now find where you downloaded Spigot from earlier on your PC, double-click it and run through any prompts that appear after doing so.


Best Valheim Server Hosting Providers in 2022

There are many factors you should consider when choosing a hosting provider. While cost may be at or near the top of your list, it’s also important to look at customer service, storage space offered, and hardware options.
Here are six great choices

1) GTXGaming
GTXGaming is one of our top choices when it comes to finding a reliable host, and they have earned their spot thanks to several factors.
For one, they’re based out of New York City, which means they are close to their support staff and can respond quickly if you ever have an issue with your game server.
GTXGaming offers dedicated servers with many different specs – including plenty of ram, disk space, and bandwidth – all of which can be upgraded without charge at any time.
They also have a very helpful staff that understands how games work, so you don’t need to worry about them being able to assist you when problems arise.
On top of all that, GTXGaming has unbeatable prices (currently offering free upgrades on select packages) compared to other competitors in their field.

2) ScalaCube
ScalaCube is a Scala-based open-source platform for building large-scale data science applications. ScalaCube includes built-in capabilities such as automatic partitioning, fault tolerance, and schedule that make it suitable for running distributed computation tasks on clustered servers.
More than thirty services are currently running on Scala Cube’s platform worldwide that process billions of events every day.
In 2022 ScalaCube will continue to innovate and offer new ways of building robust big data applications using Apache SparkTM, Big Data technologies such as Kafka®, HBaseTM, Solr®, Druid®, and others.

3) Survival Servers
This provider is ideal for people who simply want to play with their friends, without necessarily caring about performance or service quality.
Survival Servers is a simple hosting company that promises no downtime and low prices on its website.
If you don’t care if your server lags and you just want to play around with your friends, Survival Servers might be a good choice for you.

Are you a publisher who has finally decided to move your website to an externally hosted server? Choosing between all of these options may be overwhelming, but GPORTAL’s help will make it easy for you.
GPORTAL’s list of top 8 Valheim Server Hosting providers will guide you through all aspects of your hosting experience

5) XGamingServer
XGamingServer has been around since 2002, making it one of the oldest hosting providers in operation today.
They host more than 400 game servers, which is over 100 more than some other companies on our list.
They have outstanding customer service that’s available 24/7 to solve any problems you may have with your hosting server. Their packages come with a free web-based game manager and much more.

The leaders at LOW.MS is well-known for having created a platform that hosts multiple games and hosting websites.
They’re also known for a great uptime rate, making them one of the favorite value server hosting providers.

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