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how to unlock wolf armor valheim

Wolf Armor is the most advanced armor set available in Valheim, but it takes a lot of work to make. Hunters will need to kill wolves and mine silver before they can craft this top-of-the-line outfit.
Players can encounter a variety of creatures, enemies, and resources in Valheim. They’ll need to find better ways to survive the often-harsh environments while defeating monsters.
As they gather materials from creatures, enemies, or the environment- they’ll be able to craft new gear and tools that make survival easier than ever before.
One of the dangers players may face when exploring Valheim is the Mountain biome. Endless snow covers this land, which has no trees or plants to protect you from harsh winds and cold temperatures.

For protection against these conditions, try Wolf Armor – which is both a good defence mechanism as well as offering strong offensive capabilities later in the game.
The primary ingredients required for crafting are silver and wolf parts – which can be found anywhere on Mt. Valley; although it may take some time before you have enough to create these robust pieces of amors.
Furthermore, they offer excellent protection against frigid weather while also reducing an enemy’s resistance by 75%.
So, if you’re looking for maximum protection while still being able to dish out high damage, then start crafting away!
How To Find Silver for Wolf Armor in Valheim
Crafting for the wolf armor can be done easily. I just need to collect some materials: chest, legs, and cape. Crafting for each individual part requires different items to create it.

Wolf Armor Chest
20 Silver
5 Wolf Pelts
1 Chain
Wolf Armor Legs
20 Silver
5 Wolf Pelts
4 Wolf Fangs
Wolf Armor Cape
4 Silver
6 Wolf Pelts
1 Wolf Trophy

To acquire wolf pelts, players must hunt wolves. They tend to prey in packs and it’s important for players to always be prepared when taking them on one by one.
Searching for silver may prove difficult due to its rarity – but it will also give them the highest chance of finding other materials they want.
Silver can only be obtained through crafting an iron pickaxe or better; which is typically found under rocks buried underground in the mountains.
Once players have obtained an Iron Pickaxe, they can head off to find Silver. This is easy if you know where it usually appears – but since this area is blanketed with snow, it may be hard to spot the material.

If you spend too long out in the cold without a fire or shelter on Mount Vevenon though, you’ll die of hypothermia – so don’t take too long looking! One-way players could find all kinds of precious materials like gold and silver more quickly would be through the use of Wishbones.
These rare items will enable them to pinpoint places rich in metals when activated – and this includes getting loot from mobs killed nearby!
As people explore the Mountains Biome with the Wishbone active, they should start to see tiny green sparks that indicates the direction of a silver deposit.
The sparks will get more frequent as they get closer to their destination. When they’re sure they’ve found it, players just need to go underground and use their Pickaxe to clear away snow covering up silver Ore deposits where they can mine them for Silver.

Players will also need an upgraded Forge to craft the three parts of the Wolf Armor set. To upgrade this Forge, players must place items nearby – for example, the Anvils, Forge Coolers, and Forge Bellows – in order to level up its crafting proficiency.
When players equip all the wolf armor set, they will receive an enormous increase in stats for both weapon and armors damage. However, they sacrifice around 10% of their movement speed while wearing them;

Still, despite this decrease in speed, Wolf Armor remains one of the most popular armors among gamers due to its usefulness in many situations.
As such, if you just want the freezing debuff from this armor set- You can just wear the cape without needing to outfit yourself with all items of the full outfit- So it may be best for you to start crafting that now.


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