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Valheim Seeds are very useful if you have to kill the Guardians of the Woods, and so there’s always been an interest in finding the seeds.
To get all of them, though, you’ll need to know where they are and how to get them.
With this guide on Valheim Seeds, you’ll be able to locate each seed and plant it in preparation for your battle with the Guardians of the Woods!

Tips while using these seeds

Valheim seeds can be used while fighting any kind of a boss in Valheim. However, if you are using them against a single boss, make sure that you follow these tips:
Plant 5 random valheim seeds right before entering battle. You will notice some of your plants will start glowing and quickly explode one after another after approximately 10 seconds.
Make sure that your HP is at least full before initiating these explosions so you don’t end up losing any health points because of it. Once inside battle, plant one valheim seed and watch it glow once again.
Be aware that although there is only a limited amount of time between each plant exploding (approximately 10 seconds), there may also be more than enough time for your enemies to attack as well.


How to Get All the Seed Types

The first way to get all of Valheim’s seeds is by farming them. They can be found inside chests, scattered around on land and in bodies of water, or can be crafted by combining two Seed Types you already have at a Forge.
The second method is much simpler: Just buy them from a merchant! Five different merchants sell various types of Valheim seeds, though how many they have in stock at any given time depends on your level and reputation with that NPC.

There are no differences between seeds sold by different NPCs, but they are much more expensive than buying them from chests or farming them yourself.
A third way to get all of Valheim’s seeds is by planting them. To do so, you must first acquire some Foraging skill, which is located in the Survival tab under Skills & Attribute.
When you find an item on a plantable spot that you want to grab, click on it while your tool is equipped and, assuming you have enough skill points invested in Foraging and your tool isn’t broken or full already, you will attempt to harvest it.

Some plants are instant successes while others may fail. Regardless of success or failure though, every time a plant fails because of a lack of foraging skill, your natural aptitude for farming is slightly reduced but can be increased by spending additional points in said skill branch.


Where to Find Valheim Merchant Locations

Valheim seeds are spread across two continents. You’ll find Valheim merchant locations in Myridia, which is located on a peninsula between North Umber and Wintin, as well as in Suldtland on the continent of Velentium. This guide will show you where to find all seeds.

You can also just refer to our list of all valheim seeds with information on when they drop and how many per boss kill Valheim seeds may seem rare, but if you don’t want to spend too much time farming them, then you’ll want our list of valheim seeds with all bosses.

It will show you which ones can be obtained from each location. It’s also a good idea to plan for any valheim seeds that are in limited supply.
Valheim merchant locations and valheim seeds with all bosses have a set amount of time before they respawn, so it’s important to make sure you get what you need when they’re available.


Which Valheim NPC Gives You Which Seed Type?

The NPC that gives you a specific seed type is Valheim, which you can access through your map or by getting a Seed Explorer License.
He’ll offer two quests at any given time, each with a single quest completion task. One of these tasks will be collecting Valheim Seeds.
Completing it will earn you a variety of seeds specific to that run of dungeons (see list below for exact types).
You’ll get around three-to-four seeds per dungeon run as well as some crafting material and in-game gold. In other words, make sure you accept Collect Valheim Seeds even if it isn’t what your active goal is—you can always turn it in later!

As you run each dungeon, there’s a chance that a particular monster will drop seeds. In some cases, a boss might even drop more than one type.
Because Valheim is running around for those two quest tasks with 10-20 minute cooldowns between each offering, it may take several runs before you collect every type.
Fortunately, your Seed Explorer License will allow you to run through dungeons multiple times if you need to make up for missed opportunities or get any seeds still on your list.
What Do I Do With All These Valheim Seeds?: It’s tempting to just sell these off at vendors as soon as you get them because they can be worth quite a bit of in-game gold.


What Are The Seed Values?

Valheim seeds are used to get crops or ‘seedlings’. These seedlings grow into crops and you can harvest them after they’ve grown.
Unlike most other seeds, valheim seeds only sprout in certain areas, these areas are called ‘fields’ and each field has a specific type of crop that it grows.
Some of these fields have special requirements for planting (like a certain time of day or weather), but most fields just need you to walk into them. To plant a seedling you must be carrying one of Valheim’s many random items.

When equipped with one of these items, whenever you walk into a crop field, you will randomly plant either an herb seedling or a fruit/vegetable seedling.



How Can I Get The Rest Of The Seed List?

To find all of these seeds, you’ll need something called a seed explorer. Seed explorers are devices that can be used in dungeons and let you scan seeds.
You can then see which seeds drop from which monsters, as well as whether those monsters will ever drop rare or epic versions of those seeds.
There are two types of seed explorers available right now—each with its advantages and disadvantages.

The first type lets you use it outside of dungeons—but only by equipping it on your main character, who must then die while inside a dungeon (usually via a trap).
The second type allows for dungeon exploration on any character but has much lower chances for finding rare/epic items and is limited in dungeon areas where traps aren’t common.

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