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Valheim Workbench Guide: How to Use for Building, Upgrading, and Repairing

Valheim Workbench

Summary: You can do it? Yes, I can!


The workbench is the main thing you can make in the Nordic endurance game Valheim. In addition to the fact that you need to fabricate a base or a house, however, you additionally need a workbench to fix many instruments, weapons, and shields. It is additionally critical to refresh the workbench. Overhauling will permit you to fix further developed gear. Here is an itemized guide on the best way to fabricate and redesign workbenches and how to utilize them to fix things. » After Valheim Workbench Read: Crafting Weapons in Valheim

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How would I construct a workbench in Valheim?

Building a workbench is shockingly simple. To make it, you want the accompanying things:

  • Hammer (3x wood, 2x stone)
  • 10x wood


When you have the stuff you want, right snap with the mallet prepared to raise the form menu and select Workbench. Then, at that point, simply find a level surface to fabricate it on. Notwithstanding, it has not been finished at this point. When the workbench is finished, you want to construct a little safe house around it to utilize it. This is because the workbench should be ensured by dividers and the encompassing roof before it tends to be utilized. Subsequently, make certain to get your workplace before endeavoring an overhaul.


How would I redesign my Valheim workbench?

Since you’ve constructed your workbench and ensured it’s secured, you can zero in on overhauling it. It’s vital to update your workbench, as many devices, weapons, and defensive layers require a redesigned workbench for fixes. To redesign the workbench, you want to put the accompanying items inside the sweep of the workbench:

  • Level 2: Slash (10x Wood, 10x Flint)
  • Level 3: Seasoned Frame (10x Wood, 15x Flint, 20x Scrap Leather, Deer Hide x5)
  • Level 4: Aze (10x Hardwood, 3x Bronze)
  • Level 5: Tool Shelf (4x Iron, 10x Hardwood, 4x Obsidian)


You will not have the option to get the assets for the last two redesign things for some time, yet it’s exceptionally simple to make the initial two update things in the initial not many hours. Stroll along the edge of the waterway for simple admittance to the numerous stones, search for wild hog and deer, and score a piece of deerskin or calfskin (see the nitty-gritty hunting guide for tips before that). If it’s not too much trouble, look).


How to fix a thing with Valheim Workbench?

It isn’t quickly clear how to fix a thing at the workbench, however, all things considered, fix is exceptionally simple. You should simply stroll over to your workbench, use it to raise your menu, and search for the glimmering hammer symbol on the right half of your screen (presented previously). Click this symbol to fix a harmed device, weapon, or piece of coverage in your stock, and press it over and over until all harmed things have been fixed. At the point when the symbol is turned gray out, you’re all set.


The important thing to note is that fixing a thing doesn’t need any assets. Thus, get it fixed at whatever point you find the opportunity to ensure your stuff is dependably in unblemished condition. You will be amazed how rapidly a few devices (like picks) break down. Try not to disregard the maintenance.


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