Valorant Mobile Overview

Valorant Mobile is a free-to-play game where players compete against each other in the fictional 2050 universe. The game’s map consists of two separate locations that are in constant war with one another: 


  • Nearby, players can attempt to control territory and build up defenses.
  • While Valorant City is more focused on making war with its inhabitants through economic means.

There are currently 4 playable classes: 

  1. Standard Rifleman
  2. Boost Jumper
  3. Mars Scout
  4. Aeronaut


valorant mobile game


Each class will have an exclusive set of skills that makes it unique from the rest of the 9 playable classes. Players can either go at it alone in the game’s Solo mode or play with friends and other players doing the same by joining a team.


A match of Valorant Mobile will last 60 minutes and usually consists of 3 rounds. To win a round, two out of three objectives must be completed. 


The first objective is an economic one: 

either destroy enemy defenses or eliminate more enemy units than your side. If neither side succeeds in destroying their enemies’ defenses or reducing their number to zero before the end of the round.


The second object will be activated: 

Accomplishing this requires players to wipe out all enemy forces in that stage. This one is more difficult for regular players as they only have 60 seconds to eliminate all the enemy forces. If a player accomplishes this, the match will move on to the last round, which lasts 30 minutes: 


Final Stage: 

In this final stage, players must take down an enemy commander. This means that you can destroy your enemies’ defenses and reduce their number to zero and kill/destroy their commander.



There are 6 different game modes in Valorant Mobile:



Players try to control entire sections of territory or fight over objectives at supply depots or headquarters. You only need to win one round to win this mode, but there are 12 rounds total in Domination Mode.


Zone Capture:

Players fight over capturing zones at the map’s city areas to increase their team’s territory. There are five stages in Zone Capture Mode which last for about 15 minutes each.



Players are tasked with completing a series of objectives to earn rewards and complete objectives in Zone Capture Mode. This mode is slow-paced and can be played alone or with friends.


Team DeathMatch:

High-intensity team deathmatch mode is where players have to kill as many enemies as they can or flag them as “out of the game” to make it, so they aren’t present anymore during a match. This mode can only be played with 3 players per team.


Co-op Campaign:

The same as Campaign Mode, but instead of playing against bots, the player is teamed up with one or three other real players.



Players have to defeat waves of enemies on a battle map to see how long they can survive before dying. There are three difficulty settings in Valorant Mobile: Normal, Hard, and Hell. Survival can also be played solo or with friends in Co-op Survival mode.


valoran mobile gameplay


There are two currencies in Valorant Mobile: 


Coins can be used to buy items from the Marketplace.



Vials will allow you to play matches in Valorant City (you need to spend Vials every time you enter a map).


Valorant Mobile Release Date

Valorant Mobile is reported to see release in 2022 April second half. There will be a beta release that fans can try out and the open beta will begin at the end of the year or 2023. Riot hasn’t mentioned a specific date for release, however, the executive said that end of the year 2022 should work for a valorant mobile release.


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